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Kathleen Lee

With a background in marketing and communications, Kathleen enjoys immersing herself in a world of words.
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5 Reasons to Shake Up Your Shopper Marketing Operations, Now

We recently conducted a survey which shows that the tools and systems used by the majority of our respondents are almost three decades old! 

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Low Shopper Marketing Productivity is YOUR problem, not IT’s

Think of your workload and what needs to be accomplished in your work day. Now take that work day and cut it in half…

That’s the state of productivity in the CPG and retail marketing world.

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How To Prevent A Shopper Marketing Disaster

What is the common thread that unites Mondelez, Merck, WPP, Beiersdorf, Auchan Group and Metro? All of them fell prey to the ransomware attack last summer.

The virus named Petya hijacked their computer systems and demanded a ransom payment....

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I think we can agree that the CPG and retail marketing industries are facing some compelling problems.

We live in a world of increasing accountability, you need to know and thoroughly understand what marketing investments are or aren’t working. You...

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Shopper Marketers: Say goodbye to Final.Final.xls

Industry veteran Olga Yurovski, with more than a decade of experience at Fortune 500 companies as a brand, product and shopper marketer, understands the frustrations of shopper marketers.

We have outlined these frustrations below, have a read and...

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