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Four Signs Your Shopper Marketing Agency is Awesome

Evaluating your agency partners should be an evergreen process.  In any healthy relationship, good partners accentuate our positive traits while mitigating our worst instincts. 

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I Surveyed 30 “Hot” Shopper Marketing Vendors. Here Are My Observations.

CPGs and their agencies are yearning to learn more about new shopper technologies and vendor capabilities. It may be hard to believe if you are a vendor trying to find the marketing decision makers, but believe me, they are ready to listen.

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5 Pitch Mistakes Shopper Marketing Agencies Make

The traditional marketing process of selecting an agency has been around for more than 50 years, and it is completely out-of-date. It is very time consuming and stressful for the clients. For shopper marketing agencies, it is even more frustrating,...

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Agency Vs. Client: Deciding The Shopper Marketing Career Path

I recently met with a fellow shopper marketer, who was looking to make a career change. And, inevitably, the question was asked: “Why did you make the switch from agency to client?” A simple question, but one that has ultimately changed the course...

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Is Your Shopper Marketing Agency Watson to Your Holmes?

If you are building or revamping your company’s shopper marketing capability, I assume you are a person of high energy, strong work ethic and grand vision. Someone who pays attention to details but can use deduction to articulate a far larger...
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