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6 THINGS our clients love about Shopperations

What shopper marketers love about Shopperations

By now we have waxed lyrical about all of the very many frustrations that we know commerce marketers face.

Poor productivity. Complexity. Meetings. Dodgy spreadsheets. Disasters waiting to strike … We feel your pain!


We have either experienced it or heard it all, either as part of our recent benchmarking survey, or as part of the feedback we collect when we deploy the Shopperations platform for our clients.

This information helps us establish the current state of commerce marketing operations and identify the pain points we need to address.

However, on the bright side, another point of discovery during these surveys is what our clients LOVE about Shopperations. So today we are talking love, love, love!

1. Live Data

Shopper Marketing NotificationsAt Shopperations, we have always believed that live data is vital for saving time, as well as providing accurate and timely reporting and status updates. And now we know our clients are loving it too.  

When we asked clients what they find exciting about the Shopperations platform, a happy customer explains: “I like that the budget will live in a place where ‘live’ changes can take place versus having to upload to SharePoint or pass a document along to each other.”

Another client notes their appreciation of live data: “Just the whole notion that it's a central repository. One version of the truth and that we're all working off the same version.”


2. All In One Place

We love when our clients use exclamations marks. It feels like a written high-five. So when we have a client comment Having everything in one place and live!” We get the feels.

Shopper Marketing DashboardAs you can see, another benefit that resonates with our clients is that they do not need to waste valuable time hunting for budgets or programs - it is all in one place.

When asked what exciting feature will make their life easier, another customer says: “Just the whole notion that it's a central repository. One version of the truth and that we're all working off the same versioning”.

An added benefit of all of the artwork, analytics and general documentation in one place is that it is accessible by the entire team, a fact that our clients made positive mention of when surveyed.


3. Report With Ease

Generally, reporting involves painstaking, manual collation and is hugely time-consuming. Multiple spreadsheets, data reconciliation followed by report editing, formatting, sending files back and forth - this process often lacks granularity and files quickly becomes obsolete.

Report Engine for shopper marketing professionalsHowever, we are truly proud of our reporting capability. The Shopperations platform assists by providing a system that automates reporting to management and finance. A system that is well received. So well received, that when asked for most exciting feature on Shopperations, a user simply states “reporting.”.

A slightly more expansive answer from another client: “My team has been using Shopperations for almost two years and found numerous benefits. One of the unexpected surprises is that our financial audit took just 30 minutes instead of days or weeks like it did before.”


4. Budget Transparency

“We are happy to see that there is a system that allows us to easily split out ATL & BTL expenses, and roll up budgets on a retailer by retailer/brand by brand basis. Shopperations on the whole is very well-suited for shopper/commerce marketing budget management about which we are very excited!” (Again with the exclamation mark …)

Shopper Marketing Budgets

We know that funding often comes from many places and it’s not always easy to keep track of the budgets that you have at your disposal. So this is an area to which we pay particular attention, and it shows with many happy clients making mention of the budgeting functionality.


5. Automated Calendars

Our automated calendars with their real-time, searchable, filterable, expandable and exportable functionality, is another well-loved feature. Quite a few of our clients have highlighted our automated calendars as exciting as well as the fact that it makes their lives easier.

Shopper marketing Calendar

Are you getting ready for a meeting with your Brand team? They will appreciate a Customer-specific view of their brand’s activities, which takes three clicks to generate:


6. User Friendly Interface

Shopperations is easy to use, something our clients noted, and - you guessed it - LOVED. A few commented on the intuitive design and functionality, whilst another simply stated Very user friendly

“I enjoyed how user friendly the site is and how up-to-date the technology of the website is, compared to another software we've used in the past. Also, the layout of the website makes it easy for you to find whatever you may need.”

“Event Copy feature and no saving!” Exclamation mark!!!

If you would like to see what Shopperations has that you might love, try out our demo today! What have you got to lose?







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After more than 15 years in Consumer Packaged Goods industry, I became a software entrepreneur. Today, I design and sell Shopperations, a web-based, collaborative planning software for Marketers on both CPG and Retail sides, to enable transparency, accountability and stronger Shopper Marketing promotional analytics. I am passionate about all things Retail and Shopper Marketing, love reading about Neuroscience progress as it relates to shopper research, and care about process improvement and marketing automation technology.
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